Tiny Hiatus

We’re taking a little break from making Junkets whilst Lisa studies some nonsense and Benjamin writes and produces funny things. But we have plans afoot. Massive exciting adventurous plans that will take us on tour and to the alter and maybe even on boats (I had to try ever so hard there not to do the dot dot dot thing). Spring 2013 will be super sexy Junket news time. ooh mysterious.

The Junket Club Presents… Crocosmia by Little Bulb Theatre (24th September 2011)

We saw this show last year and fell for it completely. Little Bulb have performed Crocosmia across the country (and in other bits of the world) gathering awards and praise, but this will be the first time they’ve been to Wales. It’s very exciting they’ve chosen this first time to be with the Junket Club. We can’t recommend this one highly enough.

You can buy tickets here

This is what other people have said about Crocosmia:
‘a gorgeous hour full of gentle quirks and affectionate oddities’ Metro*****
‘glowing bright with the indestructibility of childhood’ Time Out****
‘The story shifts between invigorating moments of high-energy humour and heartwrenching tragedy. A heady combination that sets the soul alight.’ The Scotsman*****
‘A beautifully directed, lovingly acted and absorbing show.’ The Guardian***

This isn’t stand up comedy. This is a theatre show. It’s still funny and does have some standing up, but Crocosmia also has sitting down, a gorgeous set and a lot of battenberg cake.

The show can be described like this:
In a house that is shrinking and a world that is growing bigger, three precocious children attempt to carve out a unique space for themselves and the memory of their parents.

Crocosmia is an explosion of fast-paced, visual storytelling following the Brackenberg siblings and their attempts to make sense of the world through cake puppetry, romantic slide shows, and ingenious bulb experiments, all backed by their parents’ vintage record collection.

These are Awards that Crocosmia has received:
Fringe First Winner
Total Theatre Award winner
Arches Brick Award Winner

Doors: 7pm

This Junket will be in the Market Theatre in Cowbridge. It’s a very lovely theatre run by very nice people. It’s a gem hidden amongst sheep sheds and well worth coming to see.
£10 – http://buytickets.at/swnpresents/1524
Suitable for 11+

You can get to and from the theatre by bus from Cardiff bus station and we’ll also help organise car shares for those who would like. Get in touch with us at thejunketclub [at] gmail [dot] come if you’d like to know any more about anything (to do with this show like).

The Junket Club Presents… Josie Long and Treasure Hunt

Junket favourite JOSIE LONG returns to the club with her latest Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show “The Future Is Another Place”.

We saw Josie’s show less than a week ago and it inspired Lisa to tweet “HEROIC” in capital letters. It’s really very very good.

You can buy tickets here


“This is a show about feeling newly tormented by the world around you and about optimism and despair. But that sounds more serious than it is. It’ll be a silly, manic round up of all kinds of things. It will probably have a play in it where I play every one of the Bronte’s too, if that’s your bag? The show has two clear aims: 1. Fight some sort of a cool gang or something. 2. Fight injustice.”

Before Josie performs there will be the second ever Junket Club TREASURE HUNT. The first was back in May 2010 when a brave band of Junketeers traipsed around Cardiff city centre and risked their lives getting on roundabouts. It was really fun.

The hunt will be an afternoon dash around Cardiff Bay looking for things, completing tasks and accumulating points to compete for a) an excellent prize b) heaped glory

Things you will need:
– a team (teams should be between 2 and 5 people – if you don’t have a team, get in contact and we can find you one to join)
– each team needs a digital camera with a blank memory card (it needs to be a camera rather than the camera on your phone)

Things to be aware of:
– the hunt will involve walking (or maybe even faster than that sometimes… trotting?) around Cardiff Bay.
– THE WEATHER: have you heard of rain? It might rain. Bring a brolly. Or it might be scorching. Bring suncream.

Between these two monoliths of entertainment will be a BUFFET, which for those of you who don’t know, is the best kind of meal there is.

The festivities will begin at 2pm. Buffet and Josie will start from 5pm and we’ll aim to be finished no later than 9pm.

Josie Long (plus buffet) will take place in a secret location in Cardiff Bay*.

Tickets cost £10 (plus 20p booking fee). That’s for a treasure hunt, a buffet and Josie Long. BARGAIN. PLUS – all the money is going to charity. So you can feel good and have fun.
It’s going to be smashing. Not suitable for under 16s – sorry.

*We will send you the address and all relevant details in an overly long email once you have bought your tickets.

email thejunketclub@gmail.com if you want any further information. or just for some company.

The Junket Club presents… Caroline Mabey and Pat Burtscher – 26th July

Hello babies.

It’s time for our last evening of previews. It’s been an emotional journey. Come and see us over the finish line.

The gig takes place on 26th July and you can buy tickets here from 1pm on Tuesday 19th July.


Unspeakably brilliant Caroline Mabey takes the ultimate challenge in this mind-bending, world record attempt to be quiet. Assisted by her cartoon sidekicks Kip the Coffee Pot and Mr Skrangles, maverick stand-up Caroline utilises all the latest fully scientific super-methods to remain silent for up to 60 seconds. You simply won’t believe your ears. This year’s David Blaine. ‘The slightly deranged offspring of a menage-a-trois between Vic Reeves, Harry Hill and Floella Benjamin’ (Evening Standard), ‘Kooky, quirky and delicious’ (Time Out), ‘Pick of the week’ (Guardian), ‘Oddball genius … inspired hilarity from this always entertaining performer’ (Chortle.co.uk).

Plus some Canadian business from PAT BURTSCHER.

£5.20 (20p admin charge thingy – it was the lowest we could get it)
26th July. Doors 7pm (Show begins at 7.30pm) – finishing around 10.15pm.
The Pot Cafe, Crwys Road, Cardiff

Buy tickets here: http://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/1046/chk/c260

The Junket Club Presents… Nick Helm and Horse & Louis (WED 20th July)

Take Note: this is on WEDNESDAY 20th JULY (our only preview night on a WEDNESDAY. that’s right WEDNESDAY. not tuesday.)

You can buy tickets from here on WEDNESDAY 13th July at 1pm.

So, now we’ve stopped shouting WEDNESDAY all over the shop (blog) let’s tell you who is on.


Multi award-losing comedian and professional dick-kicker Nick Helm will sweat in a portacabin for an hour as he stamps out broken dreams and crushed hopes and dares you to Dare to Dream. Comedy, poetry, music, volume. Book early. As seen on Russell Howard’s Good News’ BBC3. Chortle Best Breakthrough Act 2011 nominee. Leicester Comedy Festival Best Show 2011 nominee. ‘Thrilling’ (Times). ‘Nonsensical joy’ (Time Out). ‘Nick Helm will be the breakout act of this Fringe – or at least he ought to be if there’s any justice … It’s a real blast’ **** (Chortle).



Musical Comedy Award runners-up 2010 and hosts 2011 Horse and Louis return to the Fringe this year with a new show exploring themes of competitiveness in life as in a certain card-based battling game. Top Trumpin’! deals out a healthy mix of original songs and brand new sketches shuffled in with the duo’s usual banter and witticisms. ‘See them before they’re big, otherwise you’ll regret it.’ (British Comedy Guide). ‘Smartness to the writing and a downplayed elegance to their performance’ (Chortle.co.uk). ‘Delightfully absurd’ (Spoonfed).

£5.20 (20p admin charge thingy – it was the lowest we could get it)
Doors 7pm (Show begins at 7.30pm) – finishing around 10.15pm.
The Pot Cafe, Crwys Road, Cardiff



The Junket Club Presents… Sara Pascoe and James Acaster (19th July)

hot faces

Hello hello.

We’ve seen both of these shows at various stages and laughed like drains (that is a saying right?). Tickets here at 1pm on Tuesday 12th July: http://www.tickettailor.co​m/checkout/view-event/id/1​046/chk/c260


After a fantastic year touring the UK supporting Milton Jones and Josie Long, James Acaster brings his exciting debut show to Edinburgh. James often makes good/very good first impressions on other people’s parents, he believes this bodes well for his show and wants you to know that. Expect gangly limbs, fond memories and references to Weetabix. As seen on Russell Howard’s Good News and Dave’s One Night Stand. ‘Inherently funny, the merest gesture can have the audience laughing out loud’ (BroadwayBaby.com). ‘Delightful’ (Time Out). ‘Nothing short of sensational’ (North Yorkshire News).


The Armageddon is imminent and Sara plans to survive. How will she breed? Create Pornography? Kill zombies? An arresting stand-up show about the end of the world as we know it. The hotly anticipated follow up to 2010’s sell out show from co-star of Campus, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and Free Agents (C4) and guest star of The Thick Of It and Being Human (BBC.) ‘Always clever … often exquisite’ (Independent), ‘Defiantly idiosyncratic and highly accessible’ (Evening Standard), ‘Combines the sassy self-regard of Russell Brand with low-level Eddie Izzard-esque surrealism’ (Guardian).

£5.20 (20p admin charge thingy – it was the lowest we could get it)
Doors 7pm (Show begins at 7.30pm) – finishing around 10.15pm.
The Pot Cafe, Crwys Road, Cardiff


The Junket Club Previews… Henry Paker and Josh Widdicombe – 12th July

hornsandcurlsHello chumboats,

This week will see Josh “the eyes” Widdicombe and Henry “the horns” Paker on the previews at The Pot Cafe.

Tickets will be on sale from 1pm on Tuesday 5th July here – and they tend to go pretty sharp.


Josh opens the doors to how his upbringing in a tiny village in rural Devon didn’t prepare him for the realities of life and relationships. From his hankering to move to the bright lights but on the other hand terrified of the rest of the world, to struggling to adapt to his twenties, not knowing whether to embrace being an adult or hold on to his youth. If This Show Saves One Life… is a hilarious insight into the daily foibles of one of comedy’s fastest rising stars with observations and dilemmas we can all relate to.

josh on the tellybox:



Constructs of the gleefully absurd. ‘If you like Bill Bailey but can’t bear the thought of what’s living in that hair, try this one?’ (List). Henry has appeared on Edinburgh and Beyond (Comedy Central) and Act Your Age (Radio 4). He won the Leicester Comedian of the Year award in 2008 and has written for Mock the Week and Eight out of Ten Cats. ‘Has the audience rolling in the aisles for the vast majority of an action-packed hour. Paker is a riotous, iconoclastic star in the making’ (Fest). ★★★★ (The List, Fest, ThreeWeeks).

MC Clint “tasty potatoes” Edwards

Tickets will be on sale here at 1pm on Tuesday 28th June: http://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/1046/chk/c260

£5.20 (20p admin charge thingy – it was the lowest we could get it)
Doors 7pm (Show begins at 7.30pm) – finishing around 10.15pm.

**We try and recreate the Edinburgh experience authentically (i.e. it’s a bit hot and sticky so think ‘beachwear‘)

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