The Junket Club Presents… Crocosmia by Little Bulb Theatre (24th September 2011)

We saw this show last year and fell for it completely. Little Bulb have performed Crocosmia across the country (and in other bits of the world) gathering awards and praise, but this will be the first time they’ve been to Wales. It’s very exciting they’ve chosen this first time to be with the Junket Club. We can’t recommend this one highly enough.

You can buy tickets here

This is what other people have said about Crocosmia:
‘a gorgeous hour full of gentle quirks and affectionate oddities’ Metro*****
‘glowing bright with the indestructibility of childhood’ Time Out****
‘The story shifts between invigorating moments of high-energy humour and heartwrenching tragedy. A heady combination that sets the soul alight.’ The Scotsman*****
‘A beautifully directed, lovingly acted and absorbing show.’ The Guardian***

This isn’t stand up comedy. This is a theatre show. It’s still funny and does have some standing up, but Crocosmia also has sitting down, a gorgeous set and a lot of battenberg cake.

The show can be described like this:
In a house that is shrinking and a world that is growing bigger, three precocious children attempt to carve out a unique space for themselves and the memory of their parents.

Crocosmia is an explosion of fast-paced, visual storytelling following the Brackenberg siblings and their attempts to make sense of the world through cake puppetry, romantic slide shows, and ingenious bulb experiments, all backed by their parents’ vintage record collection.

These are Awards that Crocosmia has received:
Fringe First Winner
Total Theatre Award winner
Arches Brick Award Winner

Doors: 7pm

This Junket will be in the Market Theatre in Cowbridge. It’s a very lovely theatre run by very nice people. It’s a gem hidden amongst sheep sheds and well worth coming to see.
£10 –
Suitable for 11+

You can get to and from the theatre by bus from Cardiff bus station and we’ll also help organise car shares for those who would like. Get in touch with us at thejunketclub [at] gmail [dot] come if you’d like to know any more about anything (to do with this show like).


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