The Junket Club Presents… Josie Long and Treasure Hunt

Junket favourite JOSIE LONG returns to the club with her latest Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show “The Future Is Another Place”.

We saw Josie’s show less than a week ago and it inspired Lisa to tweet “HEROIC” in capital letters. It’s really very very good.

You can buy tickets here


“This is a show about feeling newly tormented by the world around you and about optimism and despair. But that sounds more serious than it is. It’ll be a silly, manic round up of all kinds of things. It will probably have a play in it where I play every one of the Bronte’s too, if that’s your bag? The show has two clear aims: 1. Fight some sort of a cool gang or something. 2. Fight injustice.”

Before Josie performs there will be the second ever Junket Club TREASURE HUNT. The first was back in May 2010 when a brave band of Junketeers traipsed around Cardiff city centre and risked their lives getting on roundabouts. It was really fun.

The hunt will be an afternoon dash around Cardiff Bay looking for things, completing tasks and accumulating points to compete for a) an excellent prize b) heaped glory

Things you will need:
– a team (teams should be between 2 and 5 people – if you don’t have a team, get in contact and we can find you one to join)
– each team needs a digital camera with a blank memory card (it needs to be a camera rather than the camera on your phone)

Things to be aware of:
– the hunt will involve walking (or maybe even faster than that sometimes… trotting?) around Cardiff Bay.
– THE WEATHER: have you heard of rain? It might rain. Bring a brolly. Or it might be scorching. Bring suncream.

Between these two monoliths of entertainment will be a BUFFET, which for those of you who don’t know, is the best kind of meal there is.

The festivities will begin at 2pm. Buffet and Josie will start from 5pm and we’ll aim to be finished no later than 9pm.

Josie Long (plus buffet) will take place in a secret location in Cardiff Bay*.

Tickets cost £10 (plus 20p booking fee). That’s for a treasure hunt, a buffet and Josie Long. BARGAIN. PLUS – all the money is going to charity. So you can feel good and have fun.
It’s going to be smashing. Not suitable for under 16s – sorry.

*We will send you the address and all relevant details in an overly long email once you have bought your tickets.

email if you want any further information. or just for some company.


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